AI for
Web Security

Advanced web-application security using artificial intelligence to detect and classify
attack data, providing maintenance-free and
continuous protection against web-injection attacks


Self-learning, proactive threat detection. Only receive alerts for dangerous threats


Visibility of all malicious web activity targeting your website, applications and data

Zero maintenance

Reduce demands on staff with an intuitive dashboard and simple cloud deployment

Simple cloud deployment offering powerful features

Web Server Integration

Deep packet inspection of web traffic. Single installation compatible with web servers

Real-time Risk Assessment

Prioritise attacks and only be alerted when high risk threats are detected, reducing response time to seconds

Active Threat Protection

Prevent web-based attacks. Monitor and protect websites, applications and API services

Machine Learning

Patented classification approach learns and adapts to evolving threats, requiring no human intervention

Actionable Intelligence

Reports summarise malicious activity for visibility and compliance


Hybrid cloud deployment. Easy to install web server agent or network connector

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